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Software Defined Radio and cloud RAN resource management


Prof. Antoni Gelonch (

Research topics:

Cloud-RAN implementation, Management and Orchestration (MANO)

Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) offers a revolutionary approach to next-generation cellular networks deployment, management and performance. C-RAN proposal pretends consolidating Base-Station (BS) processing into a server’s farm and follows current trends in IT infrastructure that is moving forward Software-defined everything and tries to taking benefit of cloud concepts. . So, the management of a software-defined resource pool by means of virtualization and abstraction will facilitate resource aggregation, automatization via API, consolidation of resources, programmatic provisioning and management and orchestration, etc. Cloud management frameworks, like OpenStack, are expected to change network service and industry landscape in few years by introducing and implementing the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) concept.


Development of Cloud-RAN

By using LTE as reference chain and OpenStack as management tool, one of the most relevant issues comes from the need to assure the real-time constraints of wireless systems in special when addressing implementation coordination algorithms like enhanced inter cell interference coordination  (e-ICIC) and coordinated multi-point transmission/reception (CoMP).


Cloud-RAN infrastructure management

Especial effort must be done in provisioning proper and enough resources and maximizing efficiency, whatever policy selected and according the business model in use. OpenStack is aims to provide an IaaS cloud computing service model and solutions for implementing and managing all types of computing clouds. Extensions to address the management particularities of wireless landscape will one of central points of our research activities.